Will Ai Replace Developers

My thoughts on whether or not Ai will replace software engineers, data engineers, machine learning engineers, and all other developers.

People who doesn't write code on a daily basis predicting that Ai will 100% replace coders 😒 .

Well, at the end of the day, somebody needs to write, deploy, maintain, and improve the Ai code & Infrastructure & production pipeline. Oh wait....I guess coders will still be needed 😂.

Sure, Ai might be able to "fix itself" in the future or fix another Ai's code, but that's like a blind person leading another blind person.

The biggest problem Ai will encounter in trying to "fix itself" is that Ai is not sentient and doesn't understand the intricate complexities of human emotion, societal normalities, political landscape, religious beliefs, childhood development, social cues, mental health, physical health, spiritual health, psychological health, human needs, acceptable social behavior and so many other things that makes us human and help us function as a society.

These things mentioned above impact the decisions we make when it comes to software development and data management. Sometimes, their impact shows up directly, and sometimes, they show up in-directly.

No matter how smart Ai seems to be, it will help us to remember that at the end of the day, Ai is just an advanced robot. The majority of Ai knowledge-base is based on a collection of human knowledge. Ai models are trained using information, knowledge, and data produced by humans, collected from humans. Hence why Ai has bias.

Yes, human bias bleeds into Ai because after all, the data that Ai is trained on comes from humans. If we are not careful how we train Ai models, we will see a lot of human and societal problems beginning to show up in Ai systems (This is already happening).

Sometimes, people like to think that Ai "smartness" came out of thin air, but they quickly forget that there is no Ai without humans.

Also, who's gonna maintain all that legacy code written in COBOL and other complex legacy code systems🤣. I hope someone is building a Cobol Ai somewhere.

Ai will help programmers a lot, but not replace. Maybe, we will eventually get to the point where humans will focus ONLY on thinking & creativity when it comes to programming while Ai does the code execution work (With humans only needing to validate and verify the code). But, we are nowhere near that now.

Also, it's not just coding, it's putting together the entire codebase to create something meaningful.

I will believe Ai will take over and completely replace programmers when I see Ai handle end-to-end production with ZERO human input.

Ai will design the software architecture, write all the code, organize the code structure, deploy it using CI/CD pipeline, maintain it while in production, maintain the database, handle scaling, reliability, and other factors.

Automatically handle a system crash and fix all problems associated with that, read and fix bugs found by users and write documentation for the software.

On the data side, the Ai will automatically build the data pipelines, extract the data, transform it, build data models, and make the data available for use. Then....proceed to utilize the data for analysis and decision making.

Also, let's not forget the Ai pipeline. The Ai also needs to be able to build and deploy and maintain machine learning models without human interference.

When Ai can do all these things WITHOUT human input except the initial command of build me XYZ software, model, data-warehouse, system or analyst dashboard, then I will begin to have faith that Ai will 100% replace developers.

Maybe we will get there eventually, but we are a long way from there.

The state of Ai today is that Ai will help us do the things listed above more quickly & efficiently, but not replace humans in the software development, machine learning, and data management lifecycle.

We will see where the Ai revolution goes. If Ai can do half my job, I will willingly hand it over 😊.

What are your thoughts on Ai replacing developers?


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